London; Fake Uber taxi driver Awais jailed for abusing passenger

اوبر ڈرایئور بن کر لڑکی کے ساتھ زیادتی کرنے والے اویس نامی شخص کو نو سال چار ماہ قید کی سزا اور ڈرائیونگ سے بھی بین کر دیا گیا

برطانیہ کے علاقے ویل سٹیڈ روڈ کا رہائشی اٹھایئس سالہ ملزم اویس کو جعلی ڈرائیور بن کر ایک لڑکی سے زیادتی کرنے کے جرم میں نو سال چار ماہ کی سزا سنا دی اور اس کو ڈرائیونگ سے بھی بین کر دیا گیا تفصیلات کے مطابق ایک اٹھایئس سالہ لڑکی جو اوبر ڈرایئور سمجھ کر اویس کی گاڑی میں سوار ہوگئی اویس نے لڑکی کو ایسٹ اہیم کے علاقے میں جا کر زیادتی کا نشانہ بنا دیا اور لڑکی کا پرس فون اور لیپ ٹاپ چھین کر فرار ہو گیا پولیس کو اطلاع دینے پر ملزم اویس کو گھر سے گرفتار کیا گیا ملزم کی شناخت کے بعد پتہ چلا کے وہ کسی اور گاڑی چلا رہا تھا جس کی وجہ سے اس کو ڈرائیونگ سے بھی بین کر دیا گیا اور زیادتی کے جرم میں نو سال چار ماہ کی سزا بھی سنا دی گئ ۔

London; A fake taxi driver who kidnapped and raped a woman who mistakenly got into his car believing he was the Uber she ordered has been jailed.
After carrying out his depraved attack Mohammed Awais, 28, of Wellstead Road, East Ham, also robbed his victim before dumping her in the street.

The victim had been our with friends in Dalston on October 20 last year when she ordered an Uber and Awais turned up in a white Toyota Auris at around 12.20am.
She got into the car but when she became suspicious because he didn’t know where he was going and voiced her concerns he locked her in and sped away to a dimly lit alleyway in East Ham where he raped her.
After the attack he robbed her of all possessions including her phone, cash and a laptop, ordered her out of his car and drove off.
His terrified victim ran away and hid in the front garden of a property before raising the alarm to two passersby who called the police.
Detectives launched an investigation and arrested a man who identified Awais as the perpetrator.
He was also picked out by a witness at an ID parade and forensic evidence also linked him to the crime.
Yesterday he was jailed for nine years and four months after he admitted rape, assault by penetration, kidnap, robbery, driving whilst disqualified and driving without insurance at an earlier hearing.
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