Landslide victory for Labour in Hounslow

ہنسلو کونسل میں چودہ پاکستانی کونسلر کے انتخاب کی خوشی میں ہنسلو مسجد میں تقریب کا انعقاد

Fourteen Labour councillors of British Pakistani origin were elected at local elections in Hounslow, a Function was held at Hounslow masjid, Zareen Bhatti speaking to said that Hounslow community should be praised.
Labour have retained control of Hounslow Council with a landslide victory in the local elections.
The ruling party won 49 of the 60 seats up for grabs in the borough, with the remaining 11 going to the Conservatives.
Not a single UKIP candidate was elected, though they split the vote with the Conservatives in several wards allowing Labour to step in and take advantage.
The Independent Community Group, who held six seats before the 2010 elections, also failed to secure a single seat this time around, languishing well behind Labour in the wards of Isleworth, Syon and Brentford.

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