London; Three jailed after ‘brutal’ machete attack in Bradford

لندن؛ بریڈ فورڈ میں ‘وحشیانہ’ مشیطی حملے کے بعد تین افراد کو جیل بھیج دیا گیا

لندن؛ بریڈ فورڈ میں تنہا ڈرائیور پر خوفناک حملے کے الزام میں تین افراد کو تقریبا 24 سال قید کی سزا سنائی گئی ہے۔ بریڈ فورڈ کے ایلرٹن روڈ میں اس کی گاڑی کے ٹکرانے کے بعد متاثرہ شخص کو دو ہتھیاروں سے مارا گیا تھا۔ جج رچرڈ مانسیل کیو سی نے “پیشگی گینگ تشدد کی ایک خوفناک مثال” کے طور پر بیان کیا۔ رضوان بشارت نو سال جیل ۔ کامران خان کو آٹھ سال جیل بھیج دیا گیا۔ آکاش علی کو چھ سال اور نو ماہ تک جیل میں ڈال دیا گیا۔

London; Three men have been jailed for a total of almost 24 years for a horrific machete attack on a lone driver in broad daylight in Bradford.

The victim was struck with two of the weapons after his car was rammed in Allerton Road, Bradford, on September 11 last year in what Judge Richard Mansell QC described as “an appalling example of premeditated gang violence.”

Rizwan Basharat, the driver who deliberately ran into the man’s car to disable it and then joined in the attack, was jailed for nine years.

Kamran Khan, who smashed the vehicle windows with a machete and aimed blows at the victim with it, was locked up for eight years.

Akash Ali, who the Crown accepted did not wield a machete but who took part in the joint enterprise, was jailed for six years and nine months.

Basharat, 27, of no fixed address; Khan, 23, of Aberford Road, Girlington, Bradford; and Ali, 24, of Whitehead Grove, Fagley, Bradford, were all sentenced for unlawfully and maliciously wounding their victim with intent to do him grievous bodily harm.

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