Burton on Trent, UK/ Kahuta; Malik and Mehboob Welfare funds Daily Iftar, Eid clothes and Eid money to the poor in several villages in Tehsil Kahuta.

ملک اینڈ محبوب ویلفئیر کی جانب سے کہوٹہ میں افطار، عید کے کپڑے اور عیدی کی تقسیم

ملک اینڈ محبوب ویلفئیر کی جانب سے کہوٹہ میں افطار، عید کے کپڑے اور عیدی تقسیم کی گئی۔اس مقصد کے لئے تنظیم کے بانی برٹن آن ٹرینٹ اور ڈھوک رکھ آرائیں ،سہر کے محمد علیم احسن اور معظم احسن کی جانب سے روزانہ کی بنیاد پر افطار کا اہتمام کیا گیا۔ انھوں نے کہوٹہ کے آس پاس کے کئی گاوں میں یہ سہولت بہم پہنچائی۔

اس کے علاوہ سردار خان افطار ڈرائیو پروجیکٹ نے روزانہ، پلاو، زردہ، سموسے، پکوڑے اور جلیبی گھر گھر پہنچائی۔ایک اندازے کے مطابق دو سو کلو گرام کھانا عوام کے گھروں میں پہنچایا گیا۔اس کار خیر میں اپنی خدمات مفت فراہم فراہم کرنے والوں میں تنزیل الرحمان، محمد حسام احسن، محمد امتیاز، عامر احسن، اظہر احسن شامل ہیں۔

Birmingham; The founders of Malik and Mehboob Welfare Mohammed Aleem Ahsan and Moazzam Ahsan of Burton on Trent and village Tokh Rakh Aarain Seher funded the distribution of Daily Iftar, Eid clothes and Eid money to tens of thousands of poor people in several villages in tehsil Kahuta. This amazing/humbling feat was conducted while the world is in grips with the hardest challenge it has ever faced due to Coronavirus.

The Sardar Khan Iftar Drive Project entailed the daily distribution of Iftar during Ramadan 2020, this consisted of Brown Rice, Sweet Rice, Samosas, Pakoras, Jalebi etc. In total over 200kg’s of each food staple was distributed. This monumental feat has not been seen in the history of the Tehsil. Something that the founders and those who contributed via donations and volunteering should be immensely proud of. Firstly, an Iftar Ration on the first two days and the half point of Ramadan was distributed to individuals which included: Rooh Hafza, Dates, Sugar, Garam Flour and Tea. All key ingredients that many people crave during the month of Ramadan. Then, delivering over 200kg’s of staple foods to ensure that the poor and vulnerable would have food to open their fasts. Moreover, providing poor families and individuals with Eid Clothes and Money. This is highly commendable work that has been conducted by Malik and Mehboob Welfare.

The volunteers who pulled off this incredible work were: Tanzeel ur Rehman, Mohammad Hassam Ahsan, Mohammad Imtiaz, Aamir Ahsan and Azhar Ahsan. These individuals hardwork and dedication, allowed this project to run smoothly to ensure that Iftars were delivered daily on time everyday and to make sure that those who actually required the food, clothes and money received it. See above video

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