London; Controlling husband M Javed found guilty of killing his wife Saeeda Hussain with hammer and machete

لندن میں کلہاڑے اور ہتھوڑے کے ساتھ اپنی اہلیہ کا قتل کرنے والے محمد جاوید پر فرد جرم ثابت

لندن کے علاقے الفورڈ میں محمد جاوید نامی شخص پر اپنی اہلیہ کے قتل کا جرم ثابت ہو گیا۔ عدالت میں بتایا گیا کہ کس طرح اپنی بیوی پر افئیر کے شبہے میں محمد جاوید نے کلہاڑے اور ہتھوڑے سے وار کیا اور تریپن سالہ سعیدہ حسین کو قتل کردیا۔سعیدہ حسین پانچ بچوں کی ماں تھی اور محمد جاوید نے گھر کے اطراف مین سی سی ٹی وی کیمرے نصب کر رکھے تھے۔ کیونکہ اسے شبہ تھا کہ سعیدہ کا کسی کے ساتھ افئیر ہے۔

تیس سال تک ایک دوسرے کے ساتھ زندگی گزارنے کے باوجود جاوید اپنی اہلیہ پر بھروسہ نہ کرسکا اور اس کی شکی اور پر تشدد طبیعت بالآخر سعیدہ کی موت کا سبب بنی۔ قتل کے بعد جاوید نے خون آلود کپڑے تبدیل کیے۔ گھر کا دروازہ اندر سے لاک کر کے کھڑکی کے راستے گھر سے باہر نکل گیا۔ مگر شام چھ بجے کے قریب اس نے خود کو حوالہ پولیس کر دیا اور اپنے جرم کا اعتراف کر لیا۔ محمد جاوید کو اس ماہ کے آخر تک جیل بھیج دیا جائے گا۔

London; A “controlling and coercive” husband has been found guilty of battering his wife to death with a hammer and machete. Muhammad Javed, 59, killed mother-of-five Saeeda Hussain after he set up CCTV cameras around their home, wrongly suspecting she was having an affair.

On February 13 last year, he hacked and bludgeoned her to death in the living room of their home in Ilford, east London, before handing himself in to police.

An Old Bailey jury deliberated for half a day to find Javed guilty of murder. Prosecutor Julian Evans had told the court Javed had been violent and “behaved in a controlling and coercive manner” towards his 53-year-old wife during their marriage of more than 30 years.
On February 13 last year, Javed attacked his wife with a hammer and machete, causing a large number of wounds to her face and head.

A pathologist identified 70 groups of injuries, most of which were consistent with “chopping actions with a heavy bladed weapon”, jurors were told.

There were also injuries to her hands and arms as she attempted to fend off the attack, Mr Evans said.The pathologist estimated that there were at least 46 stab wounds and at least seven blows from the hammer.

After the killing, the defendant changed out of his blood-stained clothes, left the weapons near his wife’s body, locked the living room door, and left by a window.He contacted his daughter’s father-in-law and told him: “You are going to hear very bad news.”

At about 6pm, Javed walked into Ilford Police Station and told an officer: “I have just killed my wife. “Judge Rebecca Poulet QC thanked jurors for their consideration of the “terrible and tragic case”. She remanded the defendant into custody to be sentenced on June 21.

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